What do you want our Free Company to be named? 11 votes

Phoenix Pimps 0
Agent Orange 0
The Beard, Inc. 0
Cactuar Piss 1
Death and Taxes 0
Destined 0
Fly's Optical Hats 0
Free Pimps 0
Heroes of Bastok 0
Malboro Break 0
Omni Consumer Products 0
Phoenix Company 8
Pimps, Inc. 0
Pimps Landing 1
Pimps Reborn 0
PimpSlappa 0
Senor Crab's Disciples of Love 0
Superfly Snuka 0
Team Mericuhh 1
Team Smakaho 0

Mark Admin replied

275 weeks ago

You've all waited long enough, so here we go! Vote now on the name of our Free Company and the thing you'll be staring at for months to come. On the off chance the winning vote is taken, we will go with the second place choice, some variation on the winning choice, or possibly have a revote. We'll see. In the meantime, thanks to all those who submitted ideas and thanks to all those who vote!

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